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Three days after graduating from Vanderbilt University, Katrina Markoff  was off to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu.  Following Paris she was off to Spain for an apprentiship under the direction of Ferran Adrià, then continued through Southeast Asia and Australia.  All of her travels and studies inspired Katrina to experiment with the fusion of indigenous spices, 花, 根, herbs and premium liquors with premium chocolate to create a sensory world travel experience.  These chocolates have become Chicago based Vosges Haut Chocolat.


Over the past years Katrina and Vosges Haut Chocolat has earned numerous accolades and awards and has been featured in numerous magazines as well as on television programs including Rachel Ray, 早安美国, 额外的, 和许多更多.  Katrina was most recently named in 快速公司 在 100 Most Creative People in Business 2015, and Vosges has been named by 国家地理 作为一个 The 10 Best Chocolatiers 在 World.




烟熏的 & 焦糖

Rogue's 巧克力 Stout beer, Alderwood smoked salt, burnt sugar caramel, 70% dark chocolate.

U0201100·UPC 8·12/3 oz.



Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt 焦糖 Bar

Pink Himalayan salt, burnt sugar caramel, 70% dark chocolate.

U0201160·UPC 8·12/3盎司.


Mo's Milk 巧克力 Bacon Bar

Hickory smoked uncured bacon, alderwood smoked salt, 45% deep milk chocolate.

U0201220 · 45% Milk 巧克力 · UPC 8 · 12/3 oz.




Hickory smoked uncured bacon, alderwood smoked salt, 62% dark chocolate.

U0201230·UPC 8·12/3盎司.




Black Hawaiian sea salt, burnt sugar caramel, 70% dark chocolate.

U0201240·UPC 8·12/3盎司.


U0201370·UPC 8·12/3盎司.


Red Hawaiian Salt 焦糖s

U0202720·UPC 8 · 12/6 pc


The musky aroma of curry with black peppercorn, warm ginger and crisp coconut in 45% cacao dark milk chocolate.

U0201340·UPC 8·12/3 oz.


The “sweet” milk aroma of our whole milk dulce de leche is juxtaposed aside our deep milk chocolate, and sprinkled with Celtic sea salt.

U0201350·UPC 8·12/3 oz.

切达干酪 & 苹果

12-month aged Vermont cheddar cheese blended with apples, cinnamon and a proprietary blend of 45% dark milk chocolate.

U0201600  · UPC 8 · 12/3 oz.

帕尔玛、核桃 & 无花果

This bar brings a Mediterranean fusion of 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano, 土耳其无花果, and California walnuts with a touch of Tellicherry pepper in 67% Dark 巧克力.

U0201610·UPC 8·12/3盎司.

奶酪布兰科 & 浆果

Cowgirl Creamery's fromage blanc is made with extra rich cream which is cooked to blend with cocoa butter rich white chocolate and forest berries.

U0201620·UPC 8·12/3 oz.

帕尔玛、核桃 & 无花果

U0201610·UPC 8·12/3盎司.

Greatful Dead Dancing Bears in Space

This bar is dedicated Greatful Dead fans as a reminderof the sounds of drums washing over a joyful crowd.  This cocoa butter bar swirled with seasonal strawberries, reaspberries and just a touch of white chocolate.

U0201850 · UPC 8 · 12/2 oz.

Greatful Dead Raw Honey Smoked Almond

空气中的温暖, buzzing bees in fields of wild花 and the promise of a summer Dead show are the inspiration for this lush chocolate bar.  Oozy raw honey is blended into rich 100% cacao, with the crunch of smoked almonds and buttery toffee.

U0201860·UPC 8·12/2 oz.


House-roasted banana peels and toasted Sri Lankan coconut permeates the 72% dark chocolate with husky, 热带的笔记.

U0201280·UPC 8·12/3盎司.



Super Dark Matcha Green Tea 

Matcha green tea, spirulina, coco nibs, 72% dark chocolate.

U0201300·UPC 8·12/3盎司.


Divinely decadent raw honey wildflower nectar harmonizes with the intensity of 100% cacao. 

U0201380·UPC 8·12/3 oz.


Blood Orange Hibiscus 焦糖 Marshmallow 

5 count marshmallow and blood orange caramel enrobed in dark chocolate.

U0201130 · UPC 8 · 6/12 unit

Blood Orange Hibiscus 焦糖s

U0202730·UPC 8·12/6 pc


Black Salt Coconut Nib 焦糖 Marshmallow 

5 count marshmallow and black salt coconut caramel enrobed in dark chocolate. 

U0201310 · UPC 8 · 6/12 unit


Roasted Walnut Pecan 焦糖 Marshmallow 

5 count marshmallow and walnut pecan caramel enrobed in dark chocolate.

U0201320 · UPC 8100048014958 · 6/12 unit


Alderwood 吸盐 焦糖 Marshmallow  

5 count marshmallow and smoked salt caramel enrobed in milk chocolate.

U0201330 · UPC 8 · 6/12 unit


The latest innovation from Vosges. Vegan plant-based truffles. A soft and creamy, melt in your mouth filling is inside a shell crafted from olive oil ganache. Six trays per case, each tray has 16 truffles, one of six different flavors per tray. Blackberry, Raspberry Rose, Blood Orange, Hazelnut, Marzipan and Vanilla. These are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. 

U0201390 · 6 trays/16 per tray



U0201400·upc 8·8/1.9 oz.

La Bombalina Hazelnut Truffles

U0201495·upc 8·8/1.4 oz.


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