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Paleo Prime

Chicago, Illinois

Paleo Prime Cookies are all-natural, grain-free cookies that contain no grains, gluten, dairy or soy.  An indulgent cookie experience made from only four main ingredients and are clean, tasty, and appropriate for those following a paleo diet or lifestyle.  Designed by a busy and on the go athlete/father/professional who chose to follow the paleo diet and discovered how great he felt physically, but still enjoyed his snacks.  Paleo Prime Cookies are made in small batches with care and attention to produce a superior tasting cookie.



Apple Pie Cookie Bites

U1431160 · UPC 866913000281 · 4/6 oz.



Chocolate Banana Cookie Bites

U1431150 · UPC 866913000274 · 4/6 oz.



Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

U1431140 · UPC 866913000267 · 4/6 oz.


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